RMR®cc Red Dot Sight

$129.89 $79.89

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Optic Mounted

The  RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED is capable of being mounted to our variable and fixed magnification optics. This gives you a fast and lightweight reflex option to engage in CQB scenarios, while being able to quickly switch back to a magnified optic for longer range shots.

Handgun Mounted

The  RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED is the perfect reflex sight to pair with your pistol and handgun. This can be accomplished in many ways. The RMR can be milled directly to a handgun slide, a mounting plate can be purchased or the RMR can be mounted utilizing a rail mounting option such as the ALG 6-second mount, Balor RMR mount and Dueck Defense RMR mount.

Rifle Mounted

If you’re looking for the ultimate lightweight reflex sight for your rifle, the  RMR Type 2 is for you. The RMR comes in several MOA configurations. And by weighing only 1.17 ounces, it offers a quick, agile, tough-as-nails reflex sight.



Designed to fit on many of the most popular concealed carry pistols on the market.


Unique, patented housing shape diverts the force of an impact away from the lens, greatly increasing durability.



Wide-band light transmission for minimal change in target area color.



The RMR®cc uses a common CR2032 battery and is re

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  • Christopher N.

    What else needs to be said that hasn’t already been said in another review? It’s beautiful, tough as hell, and good enough for Military and LEO use, so you can rest assured in knowing it’s more than good enough to trust your life and the lives of your family to. Just know that if you have astigmatism, the dot will appear as a comma or a blob. The RMR is not broken, your eyes are. Go to the eye doctor and get some corrective Toric lenses.

  • Dave Moore

    Compared to my other red dots, this one is the best. The 6.5 MOA dot is perfect for my eyes. The self adjusting LED works quickly and I have not had any wash out. Installation on my Glock Gen 5 19 FS MOS was super easy. I used the Glock factory mounting plate with the RMR mounting kit (sealing plate and screws). Impressive red dot to say the least.

  • Sanjosemom

    My son, a police officer, wanted this for work. (Department does not pay for it.) I will buy him anything he needs or wants to insure his and the public’s safety. He will have to send his service gun to get modified for this scope. Will report back when it is operational.

  • James E.

    Super sight !!! Makes the gun much easier to shoot accurately !!!

  • Moe

    Incredible durability.
    Small field of view us only con.
    I thought 6 MOA would be great, should have gotten 3 moa with this small field of view.

  • Charles Bruner

    Great site, i will buy again

  • Cody C.

    The best micro red dot for pistols out there. I have used rm06 and rm07 type 2s for a long time and they can take a beating, retain zero, and have awesome battery life. Pricey for sure, but buy once, cry once and be happy you got the best.

    For smaller carry guns, I like the 6.5 moa dot. I simply pick it up quicker and 6.5 moa is just fine with a 3 inch barrel when most defense engagements happen in 10m or less. This is just my opinion, your milage may vary.

  • Jason

    The best red dot on the pistol market. Zeroing is very easy and it is built like a tank! The adjustment is tight enough without the need to tighten the screws. I have used it on my CCW for several months, and there is no problem with the zero position staying where it should be. This model also solves the flicker problem. Don’t waste time with cheap things!

  • ryan


  • paul murphy

    Solid sight, but with comparison. With the other RMR non adjustable and a Shield RMS, I chose the Shield RMS for a my glock, Don’t get me wrong this sight seems great

  • David Pearl

    Works great as a co-witness sight for my Benelli M4. The larger dot is quick to pickup even in direct sunlight.

  • Roy Elder

    High quality

  • Havasujeeperjr

    Solid value. Built tough. Would buy it again.

  • Cesar G.

    The RMR TYPE 2 I just received is genuine and has not been used yet. The serial number has been verified

RMR®cc Red Dot Sight

$129.89 $79.89