552 Holographic Weapon Sight

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Using advanced holographic technology, Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS) are among the fastest and most intuitive sighting systems on the planet.

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68 MOA RING & 1 MOA DOT Reticle
  1. Holographic Weapon Sight552The 552 is our most popular Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) without night vision compatibility. Available in black for the tactical/recreational shooter and personal defense. Featuring buttons located on the rear with easy access for both right and left hand shooters and 20 brightness settings for dawn-to-dusk hunting as well as competitive shooting.
Performance Characteristics

Brightness settings

For quick adjustability in any shooting situation, the 512 HWS offers multiple brightness settings in standard operating mode.Mountable to a 1″� Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail.Powered by two 1.5 V AA batteries and supports lithium, alkaline, or rechargeable batteries. Lithium battery life: 2,500 continuous hours at nominal setting 12 at room temperature. Alkaline: 2,200 continuous hours at nominal setting 12 at room temperature.

Out of Fight

NEVER OUT OF THE FIGHTEven when partially shattered, even when the sight window is obscured by snow or mud, HWS will still function and deliver pinpoint precision. One of the many reasons they’re trusted by America’s elite in the most extreme, hostile environments in the wo
  • Q:I want to use this on a 1100remington shot gun
  • A:Shouldn’t be an issue as long as you have a rail for it. I’ve used it on a .223 and .308 platform and the zero has held true.
  • Q:Is it better or worse to have a fixed front site with this
  • A:I have a large bridge front sight on my AR and it doesn’t seem to bother at all.
  • Q:A friend of mine has an AK-47 with a leapers rail. Will this sight work on his rail system, or will he need some kind of adapter?
  • A:If it is the same width, he should be fine. I’m not familiar with a leapers rail so I not 100% sure.
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26 Reviews
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  • John M

    Excellent sight. The 552 is located on the larger side of the entire holographic series, which is a good basic choice. 552 is installed on the AR15 platform, can be witnessed, and can be paired with a magnifying glass to achieve a longer distance

  • Juvy

    Great optics. Easy to mount and very easy to change batteries.

  • David S. Clarke

    Of course it is very hard to wrong with products. This is mounted on my wife’s AR15. It took very little adjustment to sight it in and was extremely easy to do. After that, my wife’s groups were tight and on point. Love the fact that it takes standard batteries. And it installed in a few seconds on my picatinny rail. Easy to see why it’s most popular model.

  • Jeffrey Pels

    This site is wonderful. Angled, canted, off balance it doesn’t matter. Where the dot is is where the bullet goes. Very easy to mount and sight it. Get a 25 yard m4 target and its super quick. I can pull up close without thinking about it, and still shoot 4-5 inch groups at 200 yards. I have heard negative comments about the battery life not lasting like aimpoint. Maybe it doesn’t, but it shouldn’t matter, This model […]

  • Brandon

    Not saying that didn’t happen, but I’m happy to report that mine was 100% authentic. The item came in perfect condition and worked flawlessly out of the box.

  • DukeSigma260

    Absolutely IN LOVE with this sight!!! Finally able to put some serious value to my AR15 with a quality sight that used by tactical professionals all over the US. This sight is highly reccomended and you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

  • Jason Andrew Bryant

    It is rock solid and big and bright, I cannot speak of its accuracy yet as I have not zeroed it yet, I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t turn off. This will lead to battery consumption. I do like that it uses double AA batteries though. It is a bit pricey considering I now have bought much cheaper ones that work very well and will be hard to beat

  • William

    Once discovered, subsequent target acquisition is almost instantaneous. Designed for close combat, in which instant target acquisition is crucial. Although a bit expensive. This is not scope. It is not a red dot scope, nor is it a night vision scope. This is a holographic view and one of the best holographic sights. Very suitable for close combat, such as in a building (or house), but beyond the target range (more than 25 yards), most archers prefer a scope. Is a recent class action lawsuit involving a slight deviation in the distance between the impact point and the target point under extreme temperatures of cold and heat (ie -4F and +122F), and averaged 1.4 to 1.8 under these extreme conditions MOA. Mfr correctly recommends re-zeroing when encountering these conditions. I personally don’t think this is a problem, if you plan to shoot in these extreme temperatures, then you just need to be aware of this.

  • Roguesoldier13

    I have used it in training and combat operations for many years. Its advantage is that the entire area has a larger field of view, not just the target. For engagements of less than 100 meters or 100 yards, this is the way to go. The goal is also very important.

  • Hide user

    Very happy with this holographic. Glass is super clear and the reticle is nice. I have it paired with a vortex magnifier and it makes what is already a great sight even better. Would HIGHLY recommend buying a magnifier to go with this.

  • andreano m.

    Excellent holographic sight. I have a Trijicon MRO (it also works), but think it is the best. I am a police officer in Brazil. I use it in a rifle. I have never lost a large transparent glass with zero. If you want a professional red dot/holographic sight, please use it with Trijicon MRO or it.

  • Jason Andrew Bryant

    Hologram or go home. I used both red dot and hologram in the service. As a civilian, there are only red dots due to cost. Finally decided to pay the money for the holographic camera installed now, which is worth the money. This is exactly the same as I remember. If you want to achieve your goals quickly, buy this product. Red dots rotten

  • Wil

    Absolutely perfect. Many brightness options. Easy to mount. Easy to sight in. Change batteries without removal.

  • mfrisky

    I am a little worried about ordering this product and getting imitated. Confirm the authenticity after receiving the goods. I worry too much

  • George

    Put this on a Colt 6920 Trooper. Came with two different mounting screws, a flush Allen screw type, and a large flat head type. Zeroed at 25 yards in about 15 rounds. As far as being blurry if you have astigmatism it will be blurry. If you don’t it won’t. Couldn’t be happier. Rock-solid, well built.

  • Brad C

    This is THE optic for close quarters. Fantastic both eyes open performance. Intuitive simple controls. Auto-off feature is great.

  • Fabio H

    I am very satisfied with this hologram. The glass is super transparent and the mask is very good. I paired it with a magnifying glass, which made the already good scene better. It is strongly recommended that you buy a magnifying glass.

  • james

    It exactly as advertised and an outstanding product that works flawlessly. I’ve used them for many years and have never been disappointed.

  • Gold Standard

    Extensive research has been conducted on this last year, but I am still reluctant to spend high prices on close-range optics. Finally experienced a plunge last week-no regrets. It is gold that is worth weighing. With integrated rail installation, easy to install, like to use AA batteries. When attaching a rifle, insert a new rifle quickly and easily. made in America. I installed 512 in my firearm. You can see 10 photos (indoor range, so there are only 30 lenses), and once it is reset, you can take 5 photos continuously. The brightness ranges from shades (usable in the middle of the night) to so bright that it can be seen perfectly at noon in the snow on a sunny day. It’s worth it, what you get is what you pay for.

  • Georgia boy

    Love it, easy to install, easy to adjust. Sturdy and durable. A little on the bulky side but who cares with such good quality!

  • Jim Campbell

    I have used the 552 for a while. I left the batteries in too long and they began to corrode, but I was able to clean it up enough that it works again. Now I remove the batteries after each use, especially since they’re so easy to install.
    I have two rifles set up with the G33 and 552 combination and they both were easy to sight in and they work well together.
    The place where I shoot only goes out to a little more than 100 yards and can hit everything on the range with this setup.

  • Keith Howell

    Others said the light had a halo, but you just need to turn the brightness down.

  • GAM

    I’m very pleased with the unit so far. Easy setup and I like that it has the ability to use my iron sights through the Holo window. No need for a 45 degree set of sights as back up.

  • trjk

    This stuff is great. Where is the red dot; that is where the bullet goes. Easy to operate and full of fun when shooting. These things are not too expensive, but once you have them, you will feel very happy. I added a lens cap to protect the lens during travel.

  • Mike Haynes

    Great product, absolutely as advertised

  • Ryan Silvestre

    Great item super fast shipping. Thank you so much

552 Holographic Weapon Sight

$118.98 $78.89